Friday, July 1, 2016


Hey guy so good news, Month One is complete in about 12 days. I know I haven't been posting but that's because I've been on the grind for the past two weeks. 

I primarily played 0.01/0.02 and 0.02/0.5 playing 2-4 tables to be conservative on my $100 bankroll. I'm trying to beat these first few months out quickly so I have as much time as possible to complete the back end of the challenge which is going to be the hard part. 
My next goal is to hit$234.09 and at the rate that I'm going I should be able to finish in two weeks give or take a few days. 

Since my bankroll is a little higher I might be compelled to taking shots at 0.05/0.10 tables but that won't be a large part of my action. I'll stick to playing the same games and add in some $1 SNG in the mix. 

I'll be updating my graphs and spreadsheet with the data for month 2 shortly as well as adding screenshots once I get a chance.

We've hit over 170 views since I made my first post and am extremely grateful for the continuous support throughout my challenge.  

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Essentially, I have 30 days to 1.53x by bankroll every month for 15 months in order to reach 40,000 and win this bet. For the first few months this task is going to be very straightforward as I’ve been playing micro stakes for months and have been consistently crushing them.


Since I only have $100 to start and that’s it I’m going to play it rather conservatively by mostly playing $1 SnG and 0.02/0.05 zoom poker. I'll throw in a few cash games and MTT but my bankroll is exactly well suited for that at this moment.



^^ This is the Google Sheet that I will be using to track my daily and monthly progress. If there are any questions and/or additions that you feel that I should make, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


For this first month I have to make approx $1.76 a day which is very manageable. If I reach my goal of $153 before the 30 days are up, I will take a one day break and then start on the next months goal as well as keep a meter to track “how many days ahead” I am on my goal to give me some leeway when I get to bigger stakes in the end as those levels can swing high and low very quickly so the more time I have myself the better.


For proof as well, I will post screenshots of my poker account to show the exact bankroll that I am at the time of my post.


If anyone has any suggestions, comments or questions don’t hesitate to ask.



Saturday, June 18, 2016


Hey guys so I'm pretty new to this whole thing but I recently received a challenge from a a friend of mine who I met through the poker world.

Turn a $100 deposit to $40000 before you start grad school in the August of 2017. Yeah I know that's a lot of time but still it's going to be a tough challenge especially with school and work.

We have 1.5k on the line at 6 to 1 odds. So it has a good amount of upside to it on my end.

Enough about the bet and let me get started by telling you how I got involved in poker. 
I started with a $90 deposit on Bovada in August 2015 after a few friends of mine started using it for their sports betting services. 
At this point I knew how to play but had no idea of the in depth strategy that's involved in the game. I started out and lost about half of my bankroll instantly and so I took a few weeks to aggressively study and within the next two months I ran my bankroll up to 1.4k but sadly like almost every other poker player I lost it trying to play too high of stakes. So again I tried again to run up a bankroll to over $1k and nearly lost it all but this time I stopped myself as soon as my bankroll hit $350. 
This was the beginning of 2016 and I told myself that I would implement strong bankroll management techniques and really try to consistently run up my bankroll. Fast forward to May 2016 and I finished my year of school, I have over $8k in profit (excluding A HUGE HUGE MTT CASH-were talking big final table money here😬).
I spend two days a week studying and the other 5 playing in my free time when I'm not working or focusing on school.

So back to the bet, it all started out as a joke but now that we've locked it in seriously I want to see how far I can make this money go if I dedicate almost all Of my time to this endeavor. 

This evens out to being multiplying by bankroll by 1.6X every month for 13-14 months. I understand that this is a tough task but with my knowledge  and experience I genuinely feel as though I can make this happen. 

Every few days I'll be posting about my progress, the types of games I've been playing, some hands that stood out to me and answering any questions that any one has about almost anything!